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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is now officially a thing

GTTV unveiled worst-kept-secret-of-2012 last night, a game with possibly the shittest title of all time: “Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale”.  As the Omar Kendall, the game designer at Super Bot says, he hopes for the game to be a “celebration” for both 1st and 3rd party Playstation characters.  He also mentions that the team have been hand-picked because of their ability to produce a good fighting game.  I guess this news is uninteresting to me because I don’t like fighting/brawling games in the slightest (mainly because I never win), but if you are, and you own a PS3, you should be pretty stoked for this.  Right?  Maybe? 

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First Rayman Legends trailer with Wii U gameplay!  

Looks like the rumours about a follow up to the wonderful Rayman Origins has been given the green light, and here’s proof.  What’s more, we get a glimpse at some Wii U gameplay which involves touching the tablet controller to manipulate stuff on the TV.  What’s more, players will be able to place physical objects onto the screen of the tablet to yield in-game effects, such as healing, or adding a new playable character.  

Wait… does that mean we’ll have to buy extra figurines to unlock characters for the game?  Way to monetize, Ubisoft!

Really Microsoft? TV-like adverts for Xbox live? Really?

I’ll preface this by saying that I am in no way a Microsoft (or should that be Micro$oft?!?!?!?!) hater.  I don’t mind that there are adds in my dashboard for services and content on the 360 (even though I pay for a gold Live membership).  

However, the news that Microsoft are planning to embed TV-like advertisements into Xbox Live has kinda got me pissed.  The reason why so many people don’t watch TV on the TV anymore is because they’re so angry with the amount of advertising that they have to put up with.  Now we’re told that:

“As more and more industry leaders like ESPN work with us to help monetize their content on Xbox Live, TV media buyers win with the ability to extend their standard TV spots to this highly engaged consumer audience.” -Xbox Live advertising GM Ross Honey.

Well I’m sorry, but screw you Ross Honey.  

OK, maybe that’s a little strong and I should get off my soap box.  Well OK, but I thought we were getting to a point where advertising was moving away from the way that TV does it to a smarter age win which ads are less invasive and outright offensive. 

If MS manage to get adds into the service without me caring, I’ll be very happy, but if it means I have to wait another 20-30 seconds in-between rounds of Trials Evolution, then I’m afraid that’s not going to be good enough.  But, I still have a little faith left, so I’ll reserve judgement until this roles out… for now, MS, we’re still your friends… 

Max Payne 3 Screenshots.  Coming May 15th from Rockstar.  I never got into the first two games.  This one will be the one for me.  

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So now you see what Crytek were talking about when they said Crysis 3 would be a PC gaming powerhouse.  This is the first official trailer for the game, and it’s making me want to go play Crysis 2!  What do you think guys?  leave a comment and follow my blog for daily gaming shenanigans.  

Screens from Naughty Dog’s latest, and exciting new project: ‘The Last Of Us’.  So a post-apocylypse with a splash of colour and decent partner AI.  Looks exciting!  Every game Naughty Dog have ever made has been fucking sick, so let’s just hope that this will be no different.

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ok, does this count as a message? 

Do you want to work for Peter Molyneux?

His new studio-22Cans-is hiring!   Guys, if you want to be part of a team headed by the man, the god, the legend that brought you no control over the dog in Fable 2, then head on over this dandy link, and apply. 

But be warned, over 1000 people have handed in their CVs, so the competition’s stiff!  

Good luck   :)

5 new screens from the forgotten Animal Crossing 3DS game.  Nintendo announce that it’s gonna be out in Japan this Fall.   —Follow my blog for loads more video game screens, news, reviews and general BS. :)

Why you should play: Fez


Developer: Polytron

Platform: Xbox live Arcade

Fez is not a platformer.  That’s a weird thing to come out and say at the head of a review for a game which looks-at least superficially-as though it’s going to be about 4 hours’ worth of 2D-3D perspective changing platforming.  I guess for at least for the first 15 minutes you’d be forgiven for thinking as much. But well, you’d be seriously far from the truth. So what is Fez, then?  Well, it’s a puzzle game which requires not just you, but you and the entire internet to help work out the mysteries of the world, and that is simultaneously uniquely brilliant and maddeningly insane.  Let me tell you why I think Fez is worth your time.

Gomez has a pretty sick village

When the game opens you’re going to notice 3 things.  Firstly, you’ll notice the music which hits you at the game’s title screen.  It’s chip-tune; colourful and brash, and you could probably just sit there for 10 minutes and listen to it and feel like you were involved in the game in some weird way.  Fez really does have a way of dragging you in to its weird fiction, and that brings us on to the second thing you’ll notice when the game starts: the art style.   Fez is beautiful.  Just like the music, its 16 bit style is totally refreshing, and at a decent resolution looks so elegant.  The audio and visual style tie together to create a palpable world that you want to explore and discover, and that’s the third thing you’ll notice: the world itself.  

You start out the game in Gomez’s bedroom.  Gomez is just a young guy, living his life in his cute 2D pixel-art village.  You go out to meet an old man at the top of the village and he gives you a fez, which grants you the magical power/ability to see the 3D world.  As soon as you rotate to 3D (using the left and right shoulder buttons) you belong to the game.  There’s no way that you’re going to stop playing now.  You want to go back through your village and explore everything you’ve just seen in 2D from a 3D perspective.  And that’s totally fine, except your adventure is about to begin.


Say hi to Gomez!

Now you know what Fez looks and sounds like, I should really explain what it’s about.  On the surface, Fez is about collecting stuff.  Namely, you collect cube bits.  Collect 8 cube bits and you get the cube.  Simples.  Eventually you figure out that you need 32 cubes to “complete” the game, and you can easily collect those by platforming your way through each of the game’s strange areas.  Once you leave your lovely little village, Fez opens out into an open world in which there are any number of paths to take through the world which allow you to visit areas in any order you like.  There are light houses, bell towers, grave yards, mushrooms, wood huts, temples and more to explore, and you’ll have a fine enough time getting through these areas collecting cube bits to get you through the final door.  At the end of each path way there’s a warp gate that takes you back to a more central location in the world, meaning you don’t have to back-track much to get to where you want to go. 

Even so, sometimes when you’ve missed a cube bit in one area mid path in between the warp gate and the central area it takes you back to, it can be a little irritating having to spend time getting back to that particular room to collect it.  Thankfully, the game’s map-accessible at any point by simply pressing the back button-provides you with a little cube bit symbol next to the area if there are still cube bits left to discover, which is a neat flourish, me thinks.  


Fez is a surprisingly large game.

Now, all of that collection stuff is just the carrot on a stick to get you through the game’s world to force you to start noticing things.  every area, right from the off, is littered with weird symbols that don’t appear to mean anything.  Strange tetris shapes litter the environment.  Sometimes the sky is filled with tetris piece-shaped clouds, for example.  The bell-tower I mentioned earlier, has an odd pattern on each of its four sides when you rotate.  What do they all mean?  I can tell you now, that within half an hour of playing Fez, you’re going to start to feel as though something is wrong.  You’re not getting it.  That feeling of unrest will grow and grow as you progress through the world of Fez, particularly when you begin to realize that there aren’t just 32 cubes.  There are actually 64, and the other 32 you can only get from solving Fez’s incredibly difficult puzzles, which are intrinsically linked to these odd symbols.  These anti-cubes, provide you with the reason to go back in to Fez after you “finish” your initial play through on 32 cubes.  You’ll be desperate to solve the puzzles; to crack the code, as it were…


What do all of those weird symbols mean?  Hmmmm…

The internet, my friends, is a powerful thing.  It can solve  even the most difficult LOST-related puzzles, and crack codes that you alone could not.  It’s fair to say that if you don’t go on the internet and have a scout around the message boards, that you won’t be able to collect all 64 of those cubes.  Believe me.  And that’s what is so awesome about Fez.  Despite being a single player game which up front seems like a pretty conventional platformer, it’s actually a community-driven puzzle game with an incredibly deep mythology and rule-set.  When you start to figure this stuff out, you’re going to feel incredibly satisfied, and looking on the internet doesn’t make you feel bad!  Indeed, it kinda makes you feel part of something unique and exciting, and that’s why you should play Fez.